Awarded Contracts

Since 1987 our Company has been active in the supply of various products required by local Authorities such as the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (E.A.C.), the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), various SEWERAGE BOARDS and many others.


Our suppliers are important manufacturers and Trading Houses worldwide.

Through tendering procedures we have provided the products listed below: All contracts are listed in alphabetical order:

A, B

AAA Conductors
Batteries for Telephone Key System & PABX
Bolts, Nut and Washers
Bare/PVC Ins. Aluminium & Copper Conductors
Batteries for 240DC System
Battery Charges / Batteries
Battery-operated stacker


Cabinet Security Systems
Cable Dropwire
Cable Winches
Campus Infrastructure
Copper Cadmium Insulated
Copper Cables Closures
Creosoted Wood Poles
Conductors & Cables
Compact Fluorescent Lamps


DC Power Systems
Discrete Wire Connectors
Ductile Iron Pipes / Fittings
Ductile Iron Pipes
Distribution Transformers
Ductile Optical Cables


Echo Cancellers
Electric Pedestrian Stackers
Electric Forklift
Electric Cables
Electric Wires
External Distribution Boxes
Electromagnetic Contractors


Frames & Covers (multiple orders)
Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories
Fuse Links and Fuse Elements


Galvanized Material
Galvanized Steel Wire Strand
General Lighting Indication Lamps   Genie Personal Lift


Hand Pallet Trucks
Hand Lift Trucks
Hand-operated Pallet Trucks
Heavy Fuel Tanks
Hydraulic Pallet Trucks
Hydraulic Truck Crane
High Pressure Sodium Lamps
HRC Fuse Holder & Links

I, J, K ,L

Indoor Optical Distribution Frames
Jointing Material and Accessories
Lifting Equipment
Line Phase Conductors/Earth Wire
Lighting & Indication Lamps   LV Fuse links
Line Insulators & Fittings
Line Taps & Clamps
Load Lift


Metal Cutout
Metalclad Switchgear
Motor Cars
Multicore/ Multipair Cables
Multicore Cables & Wires/Glands
Multipair Screen Armoured Cables


Non-metallic Fiber Optic Cables
Nickel Cadmium Batteries in Plastic Containers


Optical Cables
Optical Distribution Frames
Overhead Conductors

P, Q

Payphone Cards
Porcelain Insulators
Power Transformers
Power Personnel Lift
P.G. Clamps & Bimetal Connectors
Protective Channel for 11kV Cable Bracket


Rectified Units
Rectified Systems
Rectified Spare Parts
Re-entrable Closures
Rigid Pipes & Accessories
Rubber / Stainless Steel


Safety Locks
Shackle Insulators
Shrinkable Material
Starter Switches / Fluorescent Tube
Stationary Batteries
Street Lighting Cutouts
Street Lighting Fittings
Street Lighting Lamps
Soil Displacement Hammer
Split Bolt Connectors
Surge Arresters
Substation Earthing & Lighting Protection Material
Switchboard Cables


Telephone Copper Cables / Wires
Telephone Jumper Wire
Telephone Drop Wire
Telephone Field Wire
Telephone Cables (PET)
Telephone Leading-in Cables
Testing Instruments
Testing Lighting Lantern
Terra-Soil Displacement Borer
Terminal Tractors
Thermo shrinkable Closures
Transmission Line Fittings
Transmission Line Insulators / Fittings
Truck Cranes
Tug Masters

U, V, W, X, Y, Z & etc.

Underground Cables
Wire Copper Cadmium Bare
Wood Poles
132kV Insulated Switchgear
22kV Pin Insulators